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Re: My take on "Huge Lists"

On Oct 21, Darren Benham decided to present us with:
> There has been a discussion on -devel that the size of some of
> the list (-devel and -user, in particular) has grown to big
> for (some) of the readers to handle (I know that anyone living
> in Germany will have to pay a per minute charge to call
> anywhere, even next door). The suggestion for solving this is
> reading the mail from the web... however even the web index
> have grown large and this person (who started the thread)
> would like to see it either chopped up (weekly) or some
> "mangement software" installed (And he gave an example).

And I subscribed to debian-www too, just before I posted that
message, because I knew the practical part of the thread would
end up here :-) So count me on the discussion.

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