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My take on "Huge Lists"

There has been a discussion on -devel that the size of some of the list (-devel
and -user, in particular) has grown to big for (some) of the readers to handle
(I know that anyone living in Germany will have to pay a per minute charge to
call anywhere, even next door).  The suggestion for solving this is reading
the mail from the web... however even the web index have grown large and this
person (who started the thread) would like to see it either chopped up (weekly)
or some "mangement software" installed (And he gave an example).  

My take:  I noticed that the indexs *were* rather huge.  I'll start a monthly 
index loading in lynx or netscape and then go grab a bite to eat (i'm on a 33.3
dialup).  Whatever they decide on -devel, *we* can still decide to break up
(Atleast) -user and -devel into bits and pieces if we want to just because they
ARE huge...  Any comments?  Guy, you're the maintainer for that... ???  Is it
possible to do weekly indexes?

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