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Re: layout of web pages

--On Tue, Oct 13, 1998 8:11 am +1000 "Craig Small"
<csmall@scooter.eye-net.com.au> wrote: 

>  Start tag: required, End tag: optional
> So it's optional.  I don't use them </P> myself as it is not recommended
> by many of the web designers here or in fact in any of the books I've 
> read. 

We already agreed that the end tag is optional.  Please see my previous post
explaining my (subjective) reasons not to use </p>.

And, with respect, I take what most web designers say with a big pinch of
salt.  I know a lot of web designers (I work with them often) and what they
are concerned with is how to acheive graphical and page layout perfectness
in IE 4 and or Netscape 4.  

Whilst this is a sensible goal in their target market (which, in the case of
most commercial sites is overwhelmingly IE4 dominated), it is not sensible
for us.  Apart from the fact that I, and possibly some others here, are
programmers who believe in doing things 'right' for their own sake, it is
also worth noting that we have a much wider audience in terms of browsers -
including, for example, mozilla, lynx, and a variety of browsers which are
currently nascent.

Therefore, we should respect the DTD, not the apparent behaviour of


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