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Re: layout of web pages

[Nicol_s Lichtmaier] wrote:
> > Exactly.  In fact, Netscape's handling of heading and paragraphs is
> > atrocious.  Maybe it inherited the foolishness from Mosaic - I can't
> > remember.  The point, anyway, is that <p> should be thought of as 'put space
> > here'.
> > 
> > Personally, I think we should aim for properly paired <p>...</p> tags in
> > pages we produce.  Mine do, mostly.
>  There's absolutelly no reason for doing so. You aren't following the
> stamdard more closely with that.
>  What should only be needed is to use <p> at the start of paragraphs and not
> at the end, as many people do.

Why not read the HTML 4.0 spec? It says:

9.3.1 Paragraphs: the P element

 <!ELEMENT P - O (%inline;)*            -- paragraph -->
  %attrs;                              -- %coreattrs, %i18n, %events --

 Start tag: required, End tag: optional

So it's optional.  I don't use them </P> myself as it is not recommended
by many of the web designers here or in fact in any of the books I've 

I must say though that the css stuff is most excellent.

 - Craig
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