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Re: Debian web page updates

**On 08 Sep, JAT (James A. Treacy) wrote:
JAT>The links to other translations, at the bottom of the pages, weren't
JAT>being created if the file was in a subdirectory. That has been corrected.
JAT>Translations will need to use the new template/debian/languages.wml
JAT>file. It is already in CVS for Italian as it was used to test the new

It's in CVS for french now.

JAT>There was a dependency missing on template/debian/languages.wml which was
JAT>added to the Makefiles. If all language dependencies can be removed from
JAT>the Makefiles (which may already be the case, but I need to check) maybe we
JAT>should replace all the Makefiles in the non-english dirs with links to the
JAT>English version. This will allow any changes to be seen automatically by
JAT>the translations. In special cases the link can always be replaced by
JAT>a custom Makefile.

Yes it's a good idea. Special cases already include the main french Makefile
since index.html.fr does not exist yet. 

JAT>There has not been much feedback from the translators. If there are things
JAT>that could be done to make your life easier, please speak up. I suspect
JAT>the biggest problem has been constant changes to the Makefiles. Hopefully
JAT>that won't go on much longer. In the long run keeping translations current
JAT>could be an issue. Would version numbers help? They would only be incremented
JAT>if changes to a file would require an update of the translation.

Yes, they would help. I'll prepare this weekend a small database of french
translations and translators with Perl. I hope i'll then be able, for example,
to generate automatically mail with diff to translator when a file change...

JAT>Please give feedback - even if it is to say that everything is working great.

Mostly, everything is working great... !

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