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Debian web page updates

I just made a number of updates to the web pages, mostly concerning

The links to other translations, at the bottom of the pages, weren't
being created if the file was in a subdirectory. That has been corrected.
Translations will need to use the new template/debian/languages.wml
file. It is already in CVS for Italian as it was used to test the new

The line at the bottom of each wml file that looks for versions in other languages
has the current directory relative to the Debian web root sitting in
it. The files in 2.0 had 'tmp' instead of '2.0'. This has been fixed for
all the files in CVS. I'm working on getting an automatic variable added to wml
that will allow this to be generated automatically. The alternative will be to
write a perl script to generate it.

We need to work out a system to have all translations of a file be recompiled
when a new translation is added. Any ideas?

There was a dependency missing on template/debian/languages.wml which was
added to the Makefiles. If all language dependencies can be removed from
the Makefiles (which may already be the case, but I need to check) maybe we
should replace all the Makefiles in the non-english dirs with links to the
English version. This will allow any changes to be seen automatically by
the translations. In special cases the link can always be replaced by
a custom Makefile.

There has not been much feedback from the translators. If there are things
that could be done to make your life easier, please speak up. I suspect
the biggest problem has been constant changes to the Makefiles. Hopefully
that won't go on much longer. In the long run keeping translations current
could be an issue. Would version numbers help? They would only be incremented
if changes to a file would require an update of the translation.
Please give feedback - even if it is to say that everything is working great.

Jay Treacy

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