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Re: Debian web page updates

> There has not been much feedback from the translators. If there are things
> that could be done to make your life easier, please speak up. I suspect
> the biggest problem has been constant changes to the Makefiles. Hopefully
> that won't go on much longer. In the long run keeping translations current
> could be an issue. Would version numbers help? They would only be incremented
> if changes to a file would require an update of the translation.
> Please give feedback - even if it is to say that everything is working great.

I have made some translations (in Italian).

I would suggest to add some rules to the makefile to automagically mail the
translators when a page is recompiled (and thus may need translation),
so that translators can do a cvs checkout or update and do their job.
(something like 
	wml file. ... && echo "To translate:" $^ | smail mibin@tin.it

Any comment?

Michele Bini

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