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Keeping track of translations and updates

In the effort of translating the Debian web pages there is the issue
of keeping track of translations and updates to the original document.
There are many solutions to this problem:
1) Translations sit on their own branch
	Pro: cvs could help showing conflicts in the updated files 
	     during the merge
	Con: many branches can confuse cvs
	     a lot of care must be taken by the translator to not
	     step in the HEAD branch
	     need to change current setup
2) Commits messages go to a mailing-list
	Pro: easy with the current setup
	Con: people need to subscribe to YAML (yet another mailing list:-)
3) Script driven (a script checks what needs to be translated or updated)
	Pro: simple
	     low overhead on the translator
	     uses current setup
	Con: ??

So I choose option 3 and wrote a little script available in the cvs
repo as webwml/check_trans.pl.
Hope this helps.

Here is the description:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
# This is GPL'ed code, copyright 1998 Paolo Molaro <lupus@debian.org>.

# Little utility to keep track of translations in the debian CVS repo.
# Invoke as check_trans.pl [-v] [-d] [-s subtree] [language] 
# from the webwml directory, eg:
# $ check_trans.pl -v italian
# You may also check only some subtrees as in:
# $ check_trans.pl -s devel italian

# Options:
# 	-v	enable verbose mode
#	-d	output diff 

# Translators need to embed in the files they translate a comment
# in its own line with the revision of the file they translated such as:
# <!--translation revision-->
# The revision can be obtained from the CVS/Entries files or from
# the command "cvs status filename".

# TODO: 
# need to quote dirnames for metacharacters?
# use a file to bind a file to a translator?

----cut cut-------


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