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looking for people to translate the web pages

I am in the process of cleaning up a number of things on the new
web site, putting everything under CVS and writing a few scripts
to help make the job of managing all the different languages easier.

I am currently looking for a single translator to start working
on the first translation. This person should know CVS, wml,
html and be very proficient in English. Being fluent in perl
would be a bonus. Future translators will only need to understand
html and be able to use CVS, although knowledge of multiple languages
might be useful :)

The reason for the high requirements on the first translator is so
they can help me work out any problems encountered. This should
make the work of doing other translations much easier.
Translators will be required to be subscribed to debian-www as
notice of modifications to the pages will be sent there.

Jay Treacy

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