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Re: www.uk.debian.org

> Just got back from the local LUG meeting, and one of the nice folks from
> Netcom UK just gave me the go-ahead to make my machine on their network
> an official Debian mirror for the UK.
Great. I've had another offer since you originally sent me mail about a
setting up a UK mirror and have been meaning to get back to you for a few weeks.

> It's got a fair amount of va mirrored with rsync as it is, but I could do with 
> someone telling me what the official procedure for this is, and stuff like 
> best time of day to run mirrors etc.
> Also, who do I ask about getting www.uk.debian.org into the DNS servers 
> as a CNAME for open.hands.com ?
Take a look at http://www.debian.org/devel/mirror.html . I'll get Tim to set
up the DNS and when you have the mirror working, send me mail and you'll get
added to the web pages.

Jay Treacy

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