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Re: looking for people to translate the web pages

Well. ... here you have a translator

CVS: 2 years use
HTML: 3 years use, four www servers installed.
Perl: 2 years use (still program with man pages though :)
wml: No knowledge
English: 14 years study. 1 year in USA
Spanish: maternal language.
Frech: basic knowledge (4 years study)

Other languages :) : C, C++, SGML, Pascal, Modula-2.

	I will be available during summer, although not full-time :) I
might help quite some, especially if interesting.



On Fri, Jun 26, 1998 at 03:38:28PM -0400, James A . Treacy wrote:
> I am in the process of cleaning up a number of things on the new
> web site, putting everything under CVS and writing a few scripts
> to help make the job of managing all the different languages easier.
> I am currently looking for a single translator to start working
> on the first translation. This person should know CVS, wml,
> html and be very proficient in English. Being fluent in perl
> would be a bonus. Future translators will only need to understand
> html and be able to use CVS, although knowledge of multiple languages
> might be useful :)
> The reason for the high requirements on the first translator is so
> they can help me work out any problems encountered. This should
> make the work of doing other translations much easier.
> Translators will be required to be subscribed to debian-www as
> notice of modifications to the pages will be sent there.
> Jay Treacy
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