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Re: site design again

David Stern wrote:
> One suggestion I have is to rotate the "What is Debian?" section with
> others, to maintain variety and keep web surfers interest.  Some
> potential substitues may include a select news story, particularly one
> which advocates Debian or gives the latest breaking news on release
> information (dates, irc parties, ..), or honorable notice in industry
> publications (to spread the gospel).  Another idea is to provide some
> kind of "eye candy" or "lure" to draw attention on a featured package
> or development issue (e.g., APT, DEC Alpha or Mk68 versions).  My
> general idea being that debian should convey the image that it is a
> leader and showcase it's talents, recognition, accolades more
> prominently.

I think this is a great idea. To get this thing working we would need
someone who takes care of this section of the main page. Someone who
decides what to publish, perhaps writes these things and others can
adress when they have a story for the front page. Maybe you David?

BTW did you tell the guys on debian-publicity about your idea? Perhaps
there is someone who wants to manage this or just help with it.

It would be nice if this thing becomes reality soon.

- Thomas

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