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Re: site design again

On Wed, 08 Apr 1998 14:51:17 EDT, "James A. Treacy" wrote:

> Feel 'free' to edit the page and post the new text. Think of it as
> submitting proposed changes to upstream source. It is the OpenSource
> model for text. :)


Now I see Open Source and DFSG are not merely compatible, they are the 
same.  Can someone please tell me about the use of the terms "DFSG" and 
"Open Source" (Debian's policy, preference,..)?  I thought Eric S. 
Raymond created Open Source on his own, but now I see Open Source is 
verbatim DFSG.  How did Open Source come to take on DFSG, and why isn't 
Debian listed as Open Source compliant if Open Source Definition is 
DFSG?  Talk about biting the hand that feeds you..


I've never seen discussion of Open Source in a Debian forum, so I'm a 
little unsure as what to make of these seeming contradictions. Aaah!
David Stern                          

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