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Re: site design again

> On this note, I've wondered if anyone has noticed that the word "free" 
> is used an awful lot in the "about Debian" page?  From what I've been 
> reading, "free" is not a good way to describe Linux, because it conveys 
> the perception of reduced quality.  I don't want to start any battles, 
> and I'm certainly not qualified to interpret the slew of free software 
> licenses, so please don't attack too vigorously what I'm about to say, 
> but has anyone considered updating the "about Debian" and "Debian 
> Social Contract (DFSG)" pages to make use of the term  "open source", 
> which conveys higher quality than "free".  I'm aware "open source" is a 
> registered something-or-another, and has it's own home page 
> (www.opensource.org) and I don't know what the ramifications of that 
> are (nor have I seen it discussed in Debian lists).  I've noticed that 
> other leading Linux distros are mentioned in qualifying open source 
> products, and Debian seems to be excluded.  Since Debian is somewhat of 
> a free software pioneer, this seems unfounded.  Further, because Debian 
> is a non-commercial (I hope my terminology is correct) distro, I think 
> Debian is more susceptible to this misperception than commercial 
> distros ("free" equating to reduced quality).  Feedback?  (Be nice!)
Feel 'free' to edit the page and post the new text. Think of it as
submitting proposed changes to upstream source. It is the OpenSource
model for text. :)


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