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Re: site design again


> Regarding the choice of server: not true. cgi scripts are the only thing
> that aren't affected by which server you use. The idea is that everyone
> have a complete copy of the pages and only use cgi.debian.org for
> running cgi. This makes it much easier to mirror the pages.
> Also, the current pages are validated (using 3.2). There is only
> one error that I know of. I don't do it very often so occasionally
> new errors creep in.

If you really want to do mirror easy, let the List-Archive on a special
server ... 
(Its not easy to mirror the List-Archive, etc.)

FTP-Mirroring (from ftp.debian.org) works very good, the "normal" webtree
is the same .. but the List-Archive is a "($())$)$$(=$(="$(=$)=


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