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Re: site design again

> 	Very nice work. I see you validate the HTML (I like validated
>  SGML)  I think I would like a more prominent positioning of the
>  choose server nearest you (seems like it is only relevant to searches
>  as it is), but this is a very minor nit. Also, is there a way to have
>  a small Captain Blue eyes on the pages?
Regarding the choice of server: not true. cgi scripts are the only thing
that aren't affected by which server you use. The idea is that everyone
have a complete copy of the pages and only use cgi.debian.org for
running cgi. This makes it much easier to mirror the pages.

Also, the current pages are validated (using 3.2). There is only
one error that I know of. I don't do it very often so occasionally
new errors creep in.


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