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RFC:WWW Design for Linux Browsers (correct list this time)

Well, I've reviewed the Archives for this topic and have a thing or three
to suggest. :)

1)A banner?  A banner sounds like a good idea.  I would suggest that while
many pictures are worth a thousand words, a banner that's just a graphic of
text or a graphic and text is a waste of space.  Graphics should be
graphics and text should be text. Never the twain shall meet.  Cases where
the font/stylization of the text isn't assured of being consistant from
viewer to viewer is the exception.  Assuming the font/stylization adds
something.  "Star Trek" isn't the same in any other font.  (Not sure any of
that means anything but it's where I started. <G>)

2)Professional appearance.  Mostly a personal judgement. I happen to like
my design of the Debian Index (http://www.pandora.org/debian/) but when I
try to improve on Thomas' interpretation
(http://www.koeln.netsurf.de/~thomas.apel/debian/index.html) I have a hard
time.  I think There are strong arguments in favour of both design styles
and I have the misfortune of being able to see both arguments while not
being able to find a compromise. :/  Perhaps I will go into those arguments
as I see them in a subsequent mail.  Suffice it to say nothing is so good
it can't be improved on.

3)Site Index.  There's a lot of times I just want to explore.  Times I
don't know enough to figure keywords for searchs.  Too many ways to find
something is never enough.  Keep it.  Heck I prolly have software around
here to index the site if it's needed.

With these things in mind and in the spirit of "Sh*t or get off the pot"
I'll work an a firmer proposal for a site ( or collaberate with anyone
else).  I'll also see if I can't meditate my way to a vision for the
Banner. :)  As for the site index.  let's get the site ready to fly first. :)


PS - Opinions, rants, raves, about http://www.pandora.org/debian/ are more
than welcome. Please include the techie stuff. (Browser version, OS
Version, HxWxD etc)

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