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Re: site design again

James A.Treacy wrote:
> If you feel you have good ideas, please convert a few more pages
> to what you'd like to see and get back to us. People like what you
> have done so far so keep going. If we like that too, I'd love it if
> you became a developer so I could give you access to the web pages.

In addition to the index I also converted the following pages. Just
follow the links on the index page.

- About Debian
- Distribution
    - Packages
    - Download via FTP
    - Debian on CD

Take a look at it:

Comments are welcome. Especially about the usability with Lynx. It's
difficult for me to judge about this as I never really used Lynx.

BTW are there any figures available how often the site is visited with
which browser?

> If you are familiar with m4 or one of it's variations, it would speed
> up the process of conversion if one of these were used to generate the
> actual pages.

Is it the same m4 used for generating the sendmail config files?
Nevertheless I never used it. I'm not sure if I have enough time the
next weeks to get into this. But I might have a brief look at it. Can
anyone tell me where I can find out more about m4?

Somewhere I read that title bars or copyright notes can be created as
"server side includes". I don't know if works the way I think and if is
usable but we might take it into consideration. Does anyone know more
about this.

- Thomas

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