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Re: site design again

> In addition to the index I also converted the following pages. Just
> follow the links on the index page.
> - About Debian
> - Distribution
>     - Packages
>     - Download via FTP
>     - Debian on CD
> Take a look at it:
> http://www.koeln.netsurf.de/~thomas.apel/debian/index.html
> Comments are welcome. Especially about the usability with Lynx. It's
> difficult for me to judge about this as I never really used Lynx.
Works fine in lynx. I'd like to hear other comments before we go further
so we only have to change things once. Please comment even if it's only
to say it looks great.

> BTW are there any figures available how often the site is visited with
> which browser?
Sure. Take a look at http://www.debian.org/~treacy/
All kinds of great statistics in there.

> > If you are familiar with m4 or one of it's variations, it would speed
> > up the process of conversion if one of these were used to generate the
> > actual pages.
> Is it the same m4 used for generating the sendmail config files?
> Nevertheless I never used it. I'm not sure if I have enough time the
> next weeks to get into this. But I might have a brief look at it. Can
> anyone tell me where I can find out more about m4?
I believe so. There is a Debian package of m4 so just install it and
look at the info pages it provides. There is also a Debian package of
wml. I haven't looked into that one so don't know if it is appropriate
or not.

BTW, do you (Thomas) have time to work on the conversion of all the pages?
It's not as many as you think as all the big sections are either generated
from scripts or development docs (which are marked up by others).

> Somewhere I read that title bars or copyright notes can be created as
> "server side includes". I don't know if works the way I think and if is
> usable but we might take it into consideration. Does anyone know more
> about this.
If all the pages were being served from one machine that is one way the
pages might have been done (they probably would simply be served directly
from an SQL database. Very fast and makes searching easy). To make it easier
for mirrors - they simply mirror the pages and go(*) - we don't do anything
like SSI.


(*)Actually, web mirrors are now required to use content negotation, but I
didn't find another good, simple way to provide the pages in multiple languages.
I've delayed requesting translators until we get the pages updated.

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