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Re: site design again

> After there seem to be quite a lot of people who think the web site
> could need a change I think we should now decide if we do it or not.
It has been my intention to change the site - at least the main page.

> If we decide to change the site one should announce this to the public.
> So everyone interested can join debian-www to discuss the hows and to
> help.
Most everyone who is interested in the pages is already subscribed to
debian-www. Previous posts to debian-devel about the pages have generated
almost zero interest. Either people don't care or they are foolish enough
to trust me. :)

> I don't know how such decisions have been made in the past but I think
> it should be a public decision on this list. Otherwise it might be
> James' job as webmaster to decide this.
I agree that major changes should be discussed before being implemented.
Don't expect a lot of feedback though. Past changes have not generated
more than a handful of responses.

> In my opinion the upcoming release of Debian 2.0 is a good time to also
> polish the web site. I think it would be a step forward if ALL pages
> have a uniform look containing some common elements like a title and
> navigation bar.
If you feel you have good ideas, please convert a few more pages
to what you'd like to see and get back to us. People like what you have
done so far so keep going. If we like that too, I'd love it if you
became a developer so I could give you access to the web pages.

If you are familiar with m4 or one of it's variations, it would speed up
the process of conversion if one of these were used to generate the actual

Lastly, I must apologize for not getting back to you sooner about the pages.
Just so you know, I have meetings the next three nights so will not
have a lot of time for Debian before Thursday.

- Jay

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