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Re: Security information

On Mon, Jan 12, 1998 at 06:35:04PM +0100, Christian Schwarz wrote:

> IMHO, someone who already follows the security mailing lists should update
> the security web pages. This is not necessarily the job of our web
> masters. Perhaps we should ask for volunteers on debian-devel/debian-user
> unless the security folks want to take the job.
> Please note, that our webmasters are currently doing a great work and that
> the maintainance of the web pages takes a lot of time. (I know this since
> I did the job for a week where James was on holidays. I bet, noone here
> knows how many mails are sent to webmaster@debian.org each day...) 

Sorry, I think this mail shouldn't have gotten through debian-www
as it must be confusing.  Jay and I are discussing partially in private
and partially publically.

Apart from that I object.  Our webmaster(s) will update the webpages.
But (s)he will not follow the security lists, too.  That would take up
too much time.  That's the job of our security managers.  These are
officially Chris Hudon and Klee Dienes.  As Klee is too busy and Chris
is unavailable atm I'm acting as security managers.

The security managers take care of security bulletings &c, request
versions, get things fixed etc.  They're also providing information
for the webmaster(s) so they can put that info into the web pages.



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