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Re: Security information

On Mon, 12 Jan 1998, Martin Schulze wrote:

> Hi!
> How do we continue?  Who feels responsible for the security
> web pages?

(Note, that this is just my very personal opinion. The decision is up to

IMHO, someone who already follows the security mailing lists should update
the security web pages. This is not necessarily the job of our web
masters. Perhaps we should ask for volunteers on debian-devel/debian-user
unless the security folks want to take the job.

Please note, that our webmasters are currently doing a great work and that
the maintainance of the web pages takes a lot of time. (I know this since
I did the job for a week where James was on holidays. I bet, noone here
knows how many mails are sent to webmaster@debian.org each day...) 



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