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TODO list for web pages

Here are the things I'd like to see done on the pages.
Feel free to add anything you'd like.

 - get the entire pages indexed for searching. Anyone want
   to volunteer to work on this? Verisim is currently doing
   the entire site. Nothing against Verisim. I'd just prefer
   something under our control. Free would be preferable too.
   Guy and I have used htdig and glimpse, but they have some
   annoying limitations.
 - fix up the doc section
 - There are some nice changes we could do to the Packages
   pages (viewing changelogs, listing upstream source location
   and URL, for example) that are currently very difficult
   to do. A few changes in policy would make this much easier.
 - Once the pages are fixed up and stable, I'd like to
   start having them translated into different languages
   (A German translation is already under way). 
   I talked with Christian Schwartz a bit about this and
   having separate pages for each language is probably 
   how we'll go (still open for debate).

After that...we'll see.

- Jay

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