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Re: Concern about racism and sexism in Supertuxkart 0.9

Miriam Ruiz escrebeu:
> 2015-05-03 20:29 GMT+02:00 Catherine Gramze <rhiamom@mac.com>:
> > I agree that talking to upstream is unlikely to help. If they thought replacing a neutral character with Sara was a good idea then they are not likely to see any issues with Sara. They like her and want her in the game. I think they will continue to head more in this direction no matter what any of us might say. They are altering the basic nature of the game from a children's game to a teen or adult male game, they are doing so deliberately, and if a fork to preserve the children's nature of the game is not possible then the game should not be included in Debian anymore.
> Well, making a fork is certainly possible and doable. All it takes is
> some people willing to devote some time and effort to maintain the
> fork. What remains to be seen is if enough people with spare time
> might be willing to work on that game. On the other hard, I don't see
> any grounds for not including it in Debian even if it becames no
> longer apt for kids, as long as it remains DFSG free and anyone is
> willing to maintain it. What can be done (if the package maintainers
> think so) is to improve it via patches (we have always done that to
> many packages) or to use the package description to explain what the
> game is about and what to expect (we have always done that too).
> Greetings,
> Miry

I can support Vincent if he is willing to take the lead, always
following the directions of the Debian maintainer. Starting with the
patches and considering a fork if needed could be a progressive way 
to ensure the feasibility of the solution.


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