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Re: Concern about racism and sexism in Supertuxkart 0.9

Somebody mentioned that there are no human male characters in the game. That changes things. I can no longer believe the character Sara to be harmless.

If the only human character is a female in a bikini, and she appears 8 times around the track, then it is a deliberate addition to the game serving no purpose other than as a sexualized object for men. Adding a man in a swimsuit is trying to cover up the sexism with "fairness." Do the other characters, male and female, also appear around the track? Is there a video clip in which their undergarments are exposed? 

I believe this needs to be rejected by Debian. This type of gratuitous sexism may be the norm in the game industry, but that does not make it right, or within the parameters of equal treatment of women Debian holds as a goal. If the game developers will not remove this character then downstream needs to refuse to offer this game. This is not censorship. The game developers are free to keep Sara in their game. But Debian does not need to participate in their degradation of women for an audience of primarily children.

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