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Re: Concern about racism and sexism in Supertuxkart 0.9


Could someone share some snapshots of the contentious issue so we know
what we are talking about.


Vincent Cheng escrebeu:
> Hi Vincent,
> Debian supertuxkart maintainer here; I'm also cc-ing the Debian Games
> team along with this reply. Please keep me cc-ed as I'm not subscribed
> to debian-women (thanks to pabs for letting me know about this on
> IRC).
> I haven't actually taken a look at upstream's latest release yet, so
> I'm writing this without having verified your concerns. I will,
> however, respond to the following bit:
> > Debian still packages STK 0.8 (which doesnt have Sara iirc) but it
> > will eventually package 0.9. IMHO the offending materials should be
> > stripped off from the tracks if possible (the tracks are specified as
> > xml file so removing mark should works in most case).
> I do not want to carry this forever as a patch in Debian; along with
> the added maintenance burden (however little it may be), this is also
> something that really should be dealt with and fixed upstream. If
> these allegations are true, I'd rather just not package and upload STK
> 0.9 entirely.
> Vincent, have you tried approaching the upstream developers and
> starting a discussion with them with the goal of getting this fixed
> upstream? I appreciate that you've brought your concerns about STK to
> debian-women for discussion, but as maintainer I frankly do not know
> what to do with this, and what you expect me to do as a downstream
> package maintainer. This really sounds like an issue that needs to be
> addressed at its source upstream, ideally with an amicable discussion
> and agreement with all involved parties upstream. so a repeat of the
> same issue can be avoided in a future upstream release. I'm not
> particularly keen on mediating this discussion, purely because it's of
> a non-technical nature; when faced with a non-technical issue in a
> package I maintain, I usually just defer it to someone else
> appropriate, i.e. I typically just defer to ftpmasters for an
> authoritative yes/no whenever I'm faced with a legal issue or
> complication in one of my packages. This being the first time I've
> ever had a bug report alleging racist/sexist material in a package I
> maintain, I don't know how to proceed.
> Regards,
> Vincent
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