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Re: Concern about racism and sexism in Supertuxkart 0.9

Hi Vincent,

Debian supertuxkart maintainer here; I'm also cc-ing the Debian Games
team along with this reply. Please keep me cc-ed as I'm not subscribed
to debian-women (thanks to pabs for letting me know about this on

I haven't actually taken a look at upstream's latest release yet, so
I'm writing this without having verified your concerns. I will,
however, respond to the following bit:

> Debian still packages STK 0.8 (which doesnt have Sara iirc) but it
> will eventually package 0.9. IMHO the offending materials should be
> stripped off from the tracks if possible (the tracks are specified as
> xml file so removing mark should works in most case).

I do not want to carry this forever as a patch in Debian; along with
the added maintenance burden (however little it may be), this is also
something that really should be dealt with and fixed upstream. If
these allegations are true, I'd rather just not package and upload STK
0.9 entirely.

Vincent, have you tried approaching the upstream developers and
starting a discussion with them with the goal of getting this fixed
upstream? I appreciate that you've brought your concerns about STK to
debian-women for discussion, but as maintainer I frankly do not know
what to do with this, and what you expect me to do as a downstream
package maintainer. This really sounds like an issue that needs to be
addressed at its source upstream, ideally with an amicable discussion
and agreement with all involved parties upstream. so a repeat of the
same issue can be avoided in a future upstream release. I'm not
particularly keen on mediating this discussion, purely because it's of
a non-technical nature; when faced with a non-technical issue in a
package I maintain, I usually just defer it to someone else
appropriate, i.e. I typically just defer to ftpmasters for an
authoritative yes/no whenever I'm faced with a legal issue or
complication in one of my packages. This being the first time I've
ever had a bug report alleging racist/sexist material in a package I
maintain, I don't know how to proceed.


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