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Should Debian continue to participate in Outreachy?


The time to decide about Debian's participation in the
next round of Outreachy is now (well, actually, it was
about a month ago). Seriously the deadline is next week.

What's Outreachy? It's the new name for the Gnome Outreach
Program for Women:

I feel so strongly about getting more diversity into
Debian that I volunteered to help organize the current
round. I boasted that "of course!" companies would want
to sponsor Outreachy interns in Debian because
- Debian is the bedrock of so much that powers the universe
- We need all the people-power we can get
- It's a recruiting signal that your company welcomes
  smart and diverse talent

Alas fundraising is much, much tougher than I imagined.
In the current round we have one intern position funded
From Debian itself. To the degree the project might
continue to fund Outreachy we need to provide historical
perspective of previous internships.

ACTION: Are you (or have you been) an intern?
  Please document the cool stuff you've worked on
  and how it has influenced you and Debian.

ACTION: Are you (or have you been) a mentor?
  Please document the cool stuff your interns have
  worked on and why it's important for Debian to continue

ACTION: Do you want to grow diversity in Debian?
  Please suggest potential sponsors that can help
  fund future interns:

Hopefully we can collect pointers to coolness
and a couple of nice vignettes about how this has
made the project better. Take your time.. we need
to make the case and have a successful public discussion
and consensus by Tuesday, Feb 17 :)

Thank you very much!


Please followup to opw@debian.org (and CC yourself).

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