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Re: debian-women / female GSoC candidates

On 14/03/14 10:15, Miriam Ruiz wrote:
> 2014-03-14 10:02 GMT+01:00 Daniel Pocock <daniel@pocock.com.au>:
>> Hi,
>> There are several female candidates for GSoC (both in Debian and also in
>> Ganglia where I am one of the admins this year)
>> I'm just wondering if there are any female DDs who may not want to be a
>> mentor for any arbitrary project but may participate as a co-mentor on a
>> project where there is a female student?
>> For example, while one mentor may be able to help the student with the
>> technical aspects of the project, an additional mentor may be able to
>> help the student become familiar with the community at large even if
>> they don't have time to become fully involved in the individual GSoC
>> project.
> I think it's a great Idea, and probably more productive than doing any
> of both things alone. Would it help if the female co-mentor is
> familiar with the project itself, or it's totally irrelevant? Like,
> for example, say that the project involves aspects thet the co-mentor
> is not familiar with (like a particular programming language or the
> tools used for developing whatever the project is about), or the idea
> is to keep both things -development of the project and involvement in
> debian structures- independent?

Any positive contribution from a co-mentor is going to be very welcome

Knowing the tools and technologies is obviously beneficial but it is not

There have been several cases where projects have been completed but it
has not been possible to deploy them or utilize them within Debian.  In
these cases what has been missing is the interaction with the wider
community, DSA, etc - so just having somebody who knows the way the
community operates can help close that gap.

In the past, many of the students have attended DebConf as well - if
there are several co-mentors on the project, there is more probability
that one will be able to meet the student at DebConf



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