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Re: debian-women / female GSoC candidates

2014-03-14 10:02 GMT+01:00 Daniel Pocock <daniel@pocock.com.au>:

> Hi,
> There are several female candidates for GSoC (both in Debian and also in
> Ganglia where I am one of the admins this year)
> I'm just wondering if there are any female DDs who may not want to be a
> mentor for any arbitrary project but may participate as a co-mentor on a
> project where there is a female student?
> For example, while one mentor may be able to help the student with the
> technical aspects of the project, an additional mentor may be able to
> help the student become familiar with the community at large even if
> they don't have time to become fully involved in the individual GSoC
> project.

I think it's a great Idea, and probably more productive than doing any
of both things alone. Would it help if the female co-mentor is
familiar with the project itself, or it's totally irrelevant? Like,
for example, say that the project involves aspects thet the co-mentor
is not familiar with (like a particular programming language or the
tools used for developing whatever the project is about), or the idea
is to keep both things -development of the project and involvement in
debian structures- independent?


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