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Re: introduction

Hi Miry!

On Mon, Sep 2, 2013 at 10:38 PM, Miriam Ruiz <miriam@debian.org> wrote:
> There's many things to do and many places to help, but it's usually not
> obvious from start. I'd suggest that maybe you could do a brief introduction
> of what things you might like, the kind of things you might have fun doing,
> or the kind of programs you like to use. There's many ways to collaborate
> with Debian, the most obvious being the maintaining of packages, or
> services, the translation, documentation, fonts, artwork, but also many
> others that might not be so obvious.
> The usual recommendation is to join a team or get a mentor, and both ways
> are good. When I started I was lurking through some different mailing lists
> to find out where I might fit best, but also got a lot of help from the
> people who were already in the project. And ask lots of questions :)
> Welcome to Debian, btw :)
 Thanks for the greetings, I love using my Debian box. I'm a Linux
user for more than ten years now. Sometimes translated strings in po
files, but not whole pages. Still, I'm interested about Debian Women
web page translations.

I prefer Gtk based applications and windows managers. Used to alter or
make my small packages. I was programming in PHP4, both for the web
and for console as well.

My first though was that Debian Women has a list where I may help not
only for Debian, but for Debian Women. As I see, I was wrong and this
mailing list is not a coordination page but more a meeting point. Will
read the August archives and see if I'm wrong.


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