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Re: introduction

2013/9/2 Kinga Bernadett Böszörményi <kinga.boszormenyi@gmail.com>
Hi everyone,

Hi Kinga!

Took me a while to start here. Today is school begin day in my country
and decided to begin my contribution here. But I still don't know how
may I help. I've some programming knowledge, can package small
programs. May try to mentor others how they can start cooperation with
Is there any task list that I should check or something I may join to?

There's many things to do and many places to help, but it's usually not obvious from start. I'd suggest that maybe you could do a brief introduction of what things you might like, the kind of things you might have fun doing, or the kind of programs you like to use. There's many ways to collaborate with Debian, the most obvious being the maintaining of packages, or services, the translation, documentation, fonts, artwork, but also many others that might not be so obvious.

The usual recommendation is to join a team or get a mentor, and both ways are good. When I started I was lurking through some different mailing lists to find out where I might fit best, but also got a lot of help from the people who were already in the project. And ask lots of questions :)

Welcome to Debian, btw :)


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