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Contacting latest package contributors


This week I reviewed the list of maintainers and DDs that we keep at
https://wiki.debian.org/DebianWomen/Projects/Statistics, I was only
able to add a couple of names, since the last review done by Francesca
in 2012.

We are currently only able to find out about package contributions and
DD accounts, other contributions need to be manually added. Hopefully
Enrico's "Debian Contributor" project will help with this and make it
much more simple and obvious to track other contributions.

BTW, the graph can now be generated directly from the page into a cute
XKCD style graph, thanks to a script prepared by Elena Grandi.

Anyway, it saddened me that not only we are having very few new DDs,
we are also having very few new maintainers.  So I decided to send an
email to those who were listed as having uploaded a package between
2011 and 2013, with these questions:

* Was it hard for you to start contributing to Debian? Why / Why not?

* Were there any blocking reasons preventing you from contributing to
Debian before?

* Would you be interested in becoming a Debian Mantainer or Debian
Developer in the near future? Why / Why not?

* What could Debian Women do now or have done in the past in order to
help you contribute more to Debian?

* Any other thoughts on the matter?

I hope that I'll get enough answers to create some action points for
us, I'll publish the results in a month or so.  In the meantime, those
who are subscribed to the list and feel like sharing ideas, could also
answer these questions here.


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