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Re: Contacting latest package contributors

> Anyway, it saddened me that not only we are having very few new DDs,
> we are also having very few new maintainers.  So I decided to send an
> email to those who were listed as having uploaded a package between
> 2011 and 2013, with these questions:

Though out of curiosity, how is debian doing overall at recruiting new 

> * Was it hard for you to start contributing to Debian? Why / Why not?

I think one issue is the process of submitting things to debian is fairly 
complex, so I found it easier to start working through a team since they knew 
all the procedures & policies already.

I'm not sure there's an easy way to go from "this package is really old" to  
"here's how to update it and submit the updates to debian".

I know I'd periodically updated packages for my own use, without making the 
connection that maybe I could push them to debian.


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