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Re: Debian and Politeness

Hi all
I don't know the Debian community very well either, but since I am
around here (let's say 3-4 years) I feel it welcoming, polite and
quite inclusive (the D-W subproject already had some years, the Debian
Diversity Statement was written and published, last months the OPW
I may be biased since as a person I tend to look at the positive side,
and OTOH I mostly lurk the -l10n-es, i18n, publicity, www and d-w
lists, not so much about development, package maintenance or sysadmins

2013/5/27 Miriam Ruiz <miriam@debian.org>:
> I was just opening the debate for everyone to participate. The main
> question would be: is technical capacity the only important thing in
> the Debian Community, or should other things taken into account, like
> the capacity to work with other people. I don't have the answer.

I would say that other things should be taken into account (and in
fact, they are taken, consciously or not). For example, social skills
turn to be very important specially for leaders and people dealing
with external collaboration, newbies, and people from other projects.
Sometimes circumstances rule, for example if there is a due task and
nobody steps ahead, and just one person say that he/she could handle
it, but with advice of a senior member, this situation may be
preferable than the one when the senior member gets in charge of that
task again and again until burnout or whatever.

But we cannot forget some other thoughts:
* There are lots of ways to participate in Debian where there is no
'selection process', you just begin to contribute or ask for help or
join a list and say hello.

* We can complement each other, some people have some skills and play
a role, other people have other skills and play other role, and Debian
is a big project having place for everybody.

* Projects (and people) are dynamic entities, capable to evolve in
time depending on the steps that we take in one or other direction. So
maybe it's not about selecting (or selfselecting) members, it's about
growing together (the projects, the people, in quantity, in quality)
towards some common goals.

Laura Arjona

> Greetings,
> Miry
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