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Debconf proposal, but I need presenter

Hi all
During this summer I would like to repeat the study that Magni Onsoien
made about Women in Debian in 2005 [1], in order to know how things
have changed in these years.

I think I can have something decent to present in a Debconf talk
(similar as the one made in Debconf5). The idea is to make the most
similar study as made in 2005 in order to being able to compare
results. With the help of some tools [2], if I finish early, maybe I
can do a bit more analysis and extend the study.

The main problem is that I am not going to the conference (I wish I
could!). I would not mind (would like very much in fact!) other person
to present the work there.
Anybody interested?
I am also open of course to that person's collaboration in writing the
study, data analysis etc, but I can also do it by myself, both
approaches are fun!

Laura Arjona
@larjona at identi.ca // @larjona99 at Twitter (like identi.ca, but worse)

[1] http://debconf5.debconf.org/comas/general/proposals/file/article_49.pdf
[2] http://metricsgrimoire.github.io/MailingListStats/

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