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Re: Debian and Politeness

Dear Miry,

My personal opinion is that for changing things, we have to be able to
acknowledge what's truly happening, and start moving from there. I
didn't say I was fully happy with the reality, in fact I'm not, and,
while I realize that some level of meritocracy is positive, my opinion
is that politeness, inclusiveness and human values are too.

I get how unhappy and frustrated you are with the situation.
As I do not know the Debian Community very well so far I cannot say anything about meritocracy and elitism in Free Software Communities or in Debian.

I am mainly a user but as my man is a Debian Developer and together we work with schools in Germany that use Debian Edu I am very interested in the Debian and Free Software Community (for more information see http://people.skolelinux.org/pere/blog/tags/intervju/).

As I get your commitment to politeness, inclusiveness and human values, Miry, my question is: What would you really like to have in the Debian Community? What would you like to do about the situation? And how could we others help you to fulfil your interest and standing?

Curious greets from Angela

Angela Fuß
Herweg 7
24357 Fleckeby
mail: angela.fuss@das-netzwerkteam.de
fon: +49 (4346) 6059053
mobil: +49 (1577) 4197937

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