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Re: Spam cleaning effort: November/December 2012

Quoting Marianne C. (mariyanna.c@gmail.com):
> Dear Christian,
> I have been on the DW mailing list for a while but this is my first
> contribution to the spam cleaning effort.
> I read the wiki and it seemed doable. ;)
> I simply clicked "Report as spam" on the upper right corner of the one spam
> message from November 2012.
> Is that all?...
> Review by DD will follow and that's it--?

Exactly. See also Laura's detailed explanations.

Of course, spam hunt on the debian-women mailing list is an easy task
and will not fill long winter evenings..:-). However, once you're used
to the process, you can "play" with other spam hunt tasks in other
Debian mailing lists.


Some efforts are well going...some others need revival...some others
need more reviewers.

And, Marianne, believe me, once you have dealt with this spam hunt, you'll know
everything about Chinese Stainless Steel Cookware Suppliers, Hat
Suppliers and also learn about a lot of different ways to sell p0rn in
dozens of languages...:-)

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