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Quoting Per Andersson (avtobiff@gmail.com):

> All Debian packages should come with documentation. There are usually manual
> pages (man pages for short) and documentation in /usr/share/doc/<package> .
> I have no idea what a PDC is but the documentation for samba and
> openldap should, 
> be possible to find by either checking the man pages or the package
> documentation.

PDC=Primary Domain Controller, aka replace a Windows-based domain
controller with a solution based on Samba with LDAP as backend to
store user account informations (and SMB password hashes)

The Samba documentation (at least documents provided with samba by the
Samba Team) is provided in the samba-doc Debian package.

Please notice that they may be outdated (documenting all aspects of
samba is a huge task).

It is quite easy to find good references online wrt Samba and NT-style
domains (sometimes even more than needed).

Please notice that soon-yes-soon-yes-I-mean-it-really Samba4 release
will allow setting up Active Directory-style domains. However, samba4
in Debian is still alpha and you might not need AD features (I'm
happily using NT-style domains myself, still in 2012).

>     man samba

"man samba" will not lead to much useful information. "man smbd" will
give more but not an HOWTO for the setup you're trying to create.

> Samba has a HOWTO collection on their homepage at
>     http://www.samba.org/samba/docs/man/Samba-HOWTO-Collection/
> and samba man pages can be found online at
>     http://www.manpagez.com/man/7/samba/

I would recommend using wiki.samba.org, as well.

Samba mailing lists can also be helpful (see lists.samba.org) but you
probably need  to do some research priori of just asking for help

What *I* can confirm is that you can definitely setup an NT-style
domain with samba and OpenLDAP on a Debian "stable" machine. The
3.5.6 version we have in squeeze can even accomodate Windows 7 domain
members (we backported a few fixes from later versions for this).

Hope these information will lead you to find the right
documentation. And, of course, if anything related to *Debian packages*
of samba or openldap is unclear for you, feel free to ask. More
general things related to each of those probably more belong to their
respective upstream mailing lists.

And, to stay on-topic, Samba is among the large free software projects
that have  the highest ratio of women among their core developers (OK,
that's only 3 out of about 30, IIRC, but still..:-))

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