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Re: Updates on the site and a proposal ;)

Hello Marianne,

and - first of all - welcome!

On Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 04:41:19PM +0100, Marianne C. wrote:
> Hello,
> I am reading the online version.  I agree that "anyone" is the most neutral
> option but,
> IMHO, something more explicit should be preferred.  Something like
> "individuals of
> any gender", yielding
> "The goal of the Mentoring Program is to support and guide individuals of
> any gender
> who want to contribute to Debian..." (rest unchanged).

I agree with it, but I'm not sure if the mention of "gender" is really
something useful: I mean, there's people who doesn't identify themselves
with a gender categorization, so - if we want be inclusive of anyone -
maybe use the word "gender" isn't so necessary.
Please note that I'm actually not-so aware of political correctness in
this field, so maybe I'm totally wrong :)

> I may be wrong, but I think that because Debian Women is called "Debian
> Women",
> and because the title is "Debian Women Mentoring Program", some people might
> read "anyone" as "any woman" in this sentence, in this context.

/me nods.
We started this re-wording thing exactly to be more explicit about Debian
Women inclusiveness.

I think that a diversity statement, to be added in our homepage could be even better.
Maybe we can take a look at solutions reached by similar projects? (just
to not re-invent the wheel ;) ).

Any suggestions? (especially from people from other non-discriminatory


"Nostra patria è il mondo intero
e nostra legge è la libertà
ed un pensiero
ribelle in cor ci sta."		P.Gori

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