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Re: logwatch/SMTP problem resolved, plus one more question about cron tasks

Amaya <amaya@debian.org> wrote:
> ~-amaya@io>nohash /etc/default/rkhunter

Aha!    We have not the /etc/default on Fedora, whence I have come to Debian.

> In fact, running dpkg-reconfigure rkhunter will ask all the right
> questions.

No kidding!    Now I bet it will work.

Amaya, I definitely owe you a beer/coffee/foot-massage whenever we
chance to meet.    But seriously, I'll be at LibrePlanet at the end of
the month and (highly likely) at a more obscure meeting at Disneyland
Paris at the end of April and would love to meet people in the area.
(Disneyland Paris is the rather odd location where an industrial
consortium that wants to make nice with open source is choosing to

Alison Chaiken
(650) 279-5600  (cell)
"Laws only declare rights; they do not deliver them." Happy Birthday, Dr. King.

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