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Re: logwatch/SMTP problem resolved, plus one more question about cron tasks

Alison Chaiken wrote:
> Amaya <amaya@debian.org> wrote:
> > ~-amaya@io>nohash /etc/default/rkhunter
> > CRON_DAILY_RUN="true"
> Aha!    We have not the /etc/default on Fedora, whence I have come to Debian.

It is similar to the /etc/sysconfig stuff there (IIRC).

> Amaya, I definitely owe you a beer/coffee/foot-massage whenever we
> chance to meet.    

Yay foot massage! :)
Nah, seriuosly, I'm always happy to scratch users away from rpm-based
distros :)
The actual debt you are adquiring here is helping others like you have
been helped ;)

I would like to recommend to you the book by Martin F Krafft "The Debian
System". It explains very well these little differences and is a
pleasure to read: http://http://debiansystem.info/

> But seriously, I'll be at LibrePlanet at the end of the month and
> (highly likely) at a more obscure meeting at Disneyland Paris at the
> end of April and would love to meet people in the area.  (Disneyland
> Paris is the rather odd location where an industrial consortium that
> wants to make nice with open source is choosing to meet.)

Enjoy and keep us updated on the obscure details :)

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: :' :        strong at the broken places.    - Ernest Hemingway
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