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Re: Questions and comments regarding Debian Women


El dl 18 de 04 de 2011 a les 14:52 -0300, en/na Margarita Manterola va
> If you have the time, it'd be great if you could tell me, from your point
> of view, why are women not joining Debian nowadays, and what could be done
> from the DW project to help more women collaborate with Debian.

I've been away for a few days and it's great seeing the list so "busy"
during these days.

Maybe particular cases can help to find out how DW can increase the
small percentage of women in free software world (in particular, in
Debian world). So, I'll explain some of my experiences, hoping it'll

For me, it's a little bit difficult to find my place in Debian: it's a
huge project and I'm interested in a lot of topics but not specialized
in anything. So, it has been difficult (and still is) to find out what
to do. But maybe it's not a women-related problem  and it's only I'm
quite indecisive ;-)

I must say that most people I contacted until now have been very nice
with me and have made me feel very comfortable with the project. I don't
know if it was not good in the past but if DW has contributed to achieve
this friendly atmosphere... very good work!

About becoming a DD, I'm not trying to be a DD for two reasons: the
first one is that I don't feel sure enough with the required skills, the
second reason is that I'm only maintaining a few packages. Although it
would be a honor for me to achieve a DD status, it's not my main
ambition. My main ambition is just collaborating in the project, being a
DD or not. Maybe other women feel the same.

However, I think it's not clear when a person is ready to start this
process. If we think women are a little bit shier and unsure in
technical issues, it's more difficult that a woman decides to start this
process without a bit of encouragement from the community.

To finalize, one idea: has DW some kind of slides showing the Debian
project oriented to encourage women to collaborate? If they exist, it
would be nice translating them to different languages. So, all of us
could spread them. Maybe some women need a first non-virtual contact to
encourage themselves. 

If these slides don't exist we could mix parts of the presentation made
by Miriam Ruiz [0] with DW specific information. What do you think about


[0] http://www.miriamruiz.es/slides/2010_Women_Free_Software.pdf

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