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Re: Questions and comments regarding Debian Women

2011/4/25 Mònica Ramírez <monica@probeta.net>
About becoming a DD, I'm not trying to be a DD for two reasons: the
first one is that I don't feel sure enough with the required skills, the
second reason is that I'm only maintaining a few packages. Although it
would be a honor for me to achieve a DD status, it's not my main
ambition. My main ambition is just collaborating in the project, being a
DD or not. Maybe other women feel the same.

However, I think it's not clear when a person is ready to start this
process. If we think women are a little bit shier and unsure in
technical issues, it's more difficult that a woman decides to start this
process without a bit of encouragement from the community.

*annoying Ubuntu person here again*

A culture of sponsors telling their ...sponsees(??)... "hey, you should go ahead now" is something I think would be helpful for anyone with a bit Impostor Syndrome.  It's something I've wanted to see more of in Ubuntu too*.  I know of two cases in Ubuntu where some sponsors were very forceful about their sponsees' applications.  One involved the sponsors getting annoyed after three years of sponsoring and scolding the guy into applying.  The other involved the sponsors writing the application for the sponsee and telling her to be on IRC at $time to meet with the board.

Now, as I'm saying this, I actually do have a sponsor in Debian who's been pestering me about DM, but I keep telling him "no" since I feel like I ought to have more community involvement (...and actually have a working Debian system since the Etch box had some sort of hardware death).

* I'm on Ubuntu's board that is, as I understand it, roughly equivalent to the Debian Front Desk.

Mackenzie Morgan

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