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Re: Licensing of D-W training session tutorials


2010/12/11 Francesco Poli <frx@firenze.linux.it>

However, I don't see any license for those tutorials on the Wiki site.
As I am sure you know, no license means "All Rights Reserved" with
current copyright laws.

This is a shame: a lot of good documentation is being published from
the D-W training sessions in a non-free manner!   :-(

This is a very good question and you reacted faster than me (I was proofreading my mail on this topic before sending it :) ).

It would be really great if those tutorials were licensed in a clearly
DFSG-free manner.
I suggest that copyright holders for those tutorials be contacted and
asked to license the tutorials under the GNU GPL v2 or otherwise the
Expat license (depending on the preferences regarding copyleft...).

[Before someone asks, I would definitely avoid the controversial
Creative Commons licenses and the horrible GFDL...]

May you clarify this? AFAIK, only the clauses "nc" and "nd" (as well as their joint use) of the CC licenses are considered as non-free. Regarding the GFDL, the obligation to include the full text of the license can be circumvented by adding the link to it. At least, I've seen it that way on some wikis.

The Free Art License (or in French Licence Art Libre) can be a very nice option, especially combined to CC-by-SA and GFDL.

Finally, I am not that familiar with the Expat license, so it would be great if you could detail its particularities a bit :)


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