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I have created some pages on debian.wiki.org from women.debian.org.

It is only a proposition. I wanted to show you something before the
start of the discussion. (see http://wiki.debian.org/DebianWomen)

Here is a list of the pages I have created.

 1. wiki.d.o/DebianWomen             (women.d.o/home)
 2. wiki.d.o/DebianWomen/About       (women.d.o/about)
 3. wiki.d.o/DebianWomen/Involvement (women.d.o/involvement)
 4. wiki.d.o/DebianWomen/Mentoring   (women.d.o/mentoring)
 5. wiki.d.o/DebianWomen/Faq         (women.d.o/faqs)

 I (or you) can remove those pages if you diseagree.
If you agree I can do the same thing for (w.d.o/press)

I don't want to do it for contact and profiles because those pages
contain personal information about people I don't know.


Henri Le Foll

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