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Re: request for mentor

Hi Abdoulkadri,

Sorry for our slow response.  The Debian Women mentoring team is working through
a backlog of mentor requests and work has been slow recently for personal
reasons (life sometimes gets in the way of stuff like this).  We will be finding
a mentor for you soon.

Apologies to anyone else out there who is waiting for a mentor to be assigned.
We are getting there, just a little slowly at present...

Helen and the mentoring team.

On 1/11/10 7:32 AM, Abdoulkadri BONGO wrote:
> Hi,
> I am using Debian for about ten years now and want to give my hand for the
> project. I am looking for a mentor. I sent an mail
> to mentoring@women.debian.org <mailto:mentoring@women.debian.org> but did not
> get an answer.
> I am interested in following activities :
> -packaging
> -writing bug reports
> Programming language i am interested are :
> C/C++, Python
> Best Regards

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