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Debian Women Mentoring rebooting...

This is a reminder to everyone that we are restarting the Debian Women mentoring
project [1].  We are currently in the process of contacting old mentors to check
their interest and skillset and will be forging ahead with new mentors and
mentees soon.

The aim of this project is to match new people (men or women) with an interest
in contributing to Debian, with more experienced "mentors" who can help them get
involved in a supportive way. We have previously found mentors for people
wanting to contribute with translations, packaging, writing bug reports, fixing
bugs and many other aspects of Debian work.

If you would like a mentor or if you would like to be a mentor, please email
mentoring@women.debian.org and let us know what areas you would like to
contribute to Debian in, and what your current skills are in those areas.

Helen, Lesley and Erinn

1.  http://women.debian.org/mentoring/

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