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Re: resource availability and (naive) ideas

On Wed, 01 Sep 2010, Éric Araujo wrote:

> >> I've cc'd weasel and sgran so they can answer the following question: is
> >> it acceptable to have non-DDs (and/or non-DMs) on such aliases?
> > 
> > Yes, it's an alias file, so it can take arbitrary addresses.
> I believe the question was about policy, not technique.

I think this has been clarified on IRC, but just in case it isn't clear:

You can add anybody you want to the RHS of alias entries (assuming the
recipient is fine with it etc).  Whether or not they are a DD is not
relevant.  I can't think of any policy-wise restrictions about that at
the moment.

That being said, the LHS entries, i.e. the actual localparts that get
accepted in the @women.d.o domains aren't quite that free for all and
everything.  Let me elaborate a bit, again in case this is not clear:

Creating role accounts, that is addresses to support various activities
or to provide points of contact for some activity of debian-women, should
be perfectly fine.  Usually there's more than one address on the right
hand side of such alias entries, i.e. more than one person is getting
mail sent to that address (examples in the d.o domain include
da-manager@d.o, debian-admin@d.o, etc).  In some instances only a single
person would be the final recipient but usually that'd be when the
"team" associated with the role currently consists only of a single
person but is expected to grow or can potentially grow in the future
(e.g dde@d.o), or when it's a rotation position (similar to say
leader@d.o or tech-ctte-chair), or, when it's an alias for yet another
role (like hostmaster@d.o or listmaster@d.o).

What is considered out of scope for a subdomain's aliases file is vanity
addresses for individuals.  For instance if Erinn wanted to create an
address superhelix@w.d.o that'd something we wouldn't think acceptable.
Again, whether or not the RHS is a DD isn't really relevant - debian
isn't an ISP, we are not in the business of handing out email addresses
just so.

Does that answer your question, make sense and does it seem sensible?

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