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Re: Further to: Re: About the recent events in the Rails community about using explicit sexual contents in slides

On Thursday 09 July 2009 19:59:34 Serafeim Zanikolas wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 06, 2009 at 03:18:10PM -0700, Don Armstrong wrote [edited]:
> > In the future, if you run into threads like this it's best to contact
> > listmaster@lists.debian.org; I don't think any of us actually read
> > debian-user@ldo, so we'd miss a thread like this unless it's pointed
> > out.
> Would we please add the above suggestion:
> (i) in the mailing lists CC
> (ii) (ideally) in the subscription confirmation one receives when signing
> up to a mailing list
> BTW here are some thoughts of mine after I've been flamed recently by a DD:
>     What's hurting more than a DD's rudeness is the project's silent
>     endorsement of it. I'm not implying it's possible to have firefighters
> all over the place, when DDs are overcommited with real work, but this
> doesn't make it any less painful from the victim's perspective ...
> Speaking of the CC, how about re-wording its penultimate rule
>     Try not to flame; it is not polite.
> to something stronger, say
>     Do not flame; it is counterproductive.

Great!!  It would seem to me to be a good idea, so I am definitely not flaming 

But it wouldn't help in the case I mentioned.  It would have helped if I had 
known I could report it.  I assumed that the fact that no-one else had 
stepped in and stopped it, meant that it was acceptable on the main Debian 
list.  I had no doubt that it would not be acceptable here.

>  What's hurting more than a DD's rudeness is the project's silent
>     endorsement of it.

Quite.  Hence my feeling so bruised.  The attitude displayed even in the one 
personal apology I received (after the rape comment) shows that, from my 
point of view, the entire ethos of the list is hostile.  _One_ man got it and 
said so, and I am very grateful to him.


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